the odd link between feminism and the transgender movement

             Feminism claims men and women are equal on all fronts, however; when a transgender man competes in sports against natural born females. The person born as a male has a natural physical advantage against a female and yet feminists are too stubborn to admit that some ideas of feminism clash with transgender ideas. 

    Feminists like to claim any transgender man has always been a woman inside since they were born. Yet they seem to ignore that what you are born as is what you are biologically and that plays a part in the composition in your body. 

feminism is giving women a false sense of security that they can do whatever they want and get away with it just because they're women.

             feminists are outraged at bikini's because they think it's a man who's overtly sexualizing women. recently when PETA used bikini clad women to promote veganism and other ludicrous things like drinking breast milk.  feminists seem to be offended by PETA's use of bikini in their advertisements, promotions, or events. basically they're against sexualizing women for profit.  feminists want the public  to be against PETA using sex to sell. feminists think using sex to sell is against their mission, so they want to stop women from wearing bikinis, i thought equality meant you were free to choose what you want to wear and what you do for a living 



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