another young girl has fallen victim to cyber bullying due to the lack of action by the school district despite multiple complaints

Mallory Grossman pictured in her cheerleading outfit

Mallory Grossman pictured in her cheerleading outfit

12 year old cheerleader commits suicide due to cyber bullying

         The family of the 12 year old girl  who commited suicide in June is suing the school district on grounds of negligence on the severe bullying that was afflicted upon the young girl which ultimately led to her suicide.

        On Tuesday, Diane Grossman and her attorney claimed that the Rockaway Township school district took no actions to protect her daughter Mallory Grossman or prevent her from being  cyber-bullied by a group of girls for months. sending malicious and vile messages through text, Snapchat, Instagram, and other popular social networking applications.  It could be said that she could've just avoided social media, however; in this day and age where social media is woven into the fabric of our society, its a bit improbable to ask kids not to be on social media.  Thus we have to collectively find a solution to prevent cyber bullying or at the very least educate our kids on the risks social media poses.

            she was told that she was a loser, had no friends and should" kill herself" for months.  For those of us who have been bullied and lived through it, hearing those things don't bother us much. But as a child trying to discover and grasp why the world is the way it is, you're not quite sure why certain things are happening to you. it seems bullying among girls is much more nasty in comparison to boys for the most part. being bullied as a young child, your mind searches for reasons and solutions to the problems you're facing. 

              At the time, that was her whole world and it would seem that suicide was the easiest solution to her problems at the time, since everything else her and her family had tried came to no avail. being the thoughtful, smart girl her family described her as she probably also thought her bullying brought on unwarranted stress and anger upon her family and did not want to be a burden to anyone. when kids bully fellow kids, they don't realize the psychological damage they can incur if the victim child lacks the proper psychological foundation that would prevent bullies from beating down you're psyche relentlessly, for most people it takes time to develop a solid psychological foundation. 

          According to  Ms.Grossman's lawyer the messages her daughter recieved on a daily basis for months beginning in October were "vile and malilcious".  which was followed by dirty looks , name calling, and exclusion. As a child discovering the world, school is the main place kids learn about themselves and socialize. that is a huge part of that child's life. Having all your peers turn on you is hard enough as an adult, but most adults understand that friends and people in general come and go, and their opinion doesn't matter much. However as a child you don't understand that much about life and you take all opinions and the looks you receive from peers very harshly. Becoming a social pariah caused chronic headaches and resulted in her grades dropping according to Ms. Grossman.

      The Grossman family announced they have started a non-profit foundation to educate others about bullying in her daughters name called "Mal's Army". The school district's lack of proper attention in bullying  has led to severe consequences. If they had paid any attention to a problem most of us have experienced. Took notice of the warnings signs displayed by the girl and her family.It seems we can't afford to pay attention to small problems until they become a large epidemic problem that has caused severe consequences. I hope we can learn from this, but it's too optimistic to think this'll change anything. I've watched as school staff tried and failed to stop bullying so many times, they've just given up. bullying seems to be ingrained in human DNA. we can't stop it from happening, but we can take measures to limit how you're bullied and hopefully reduce cyber- bullying cases





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