bikers escort bully victim to school

Bullied child is escorted to school by 50 bikers

         11 year old Phil Mick was bullied throughout his last year in elementary school about his weight and that made him very anxious for his first day in middle school. Brent Warfield a rough biker and former bully victim took action to help the boy when he heard about it. Brent organized a escort for the child. but that's as much as they can do.

      it's nice to support a kid and give him some much needed self esteem,  but this type of self esteem boost is only temporary and in turn will make him more of a target for bullies. The bikers can't protect the boy forever.

      bullying will always be a part of human social interactions, it's in our nature.  We coddle kids and shield them from reality thinking we're doing a favor for them.


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